BLOHM UND VOSS BV 141B (sold out) $100 OFF
BLOHM UND VOSS BV 141B (sold out) $100 OFF
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BLOHM UND VOSS BV 141B (sold out) $100 OFF
Can you imagine the crouds around this unusual airplane at a big bird fly-in. Painted fiberglass fuselage with a big 81" wing span and mechanical retracts. Round fuselage and the cockpit mounted on the right wing and the horizonal stab mounted forward, makes it a real eye catcher.

81" wing span is built-up wood and covered with a premium heat shrink covering.

Germen BV-141B scale plane

Key features:

3 pieces wing profesionally covered FRP fuselage with scale color scheme pre-painted Fixed L/G, spinner, fuel tank included An ideal size 81" for scale modeller who loves Germen planes. Wingspan:2057 mm (81 in)

Wing Area: 75.6 dm sq. (1172 sq in.)

Flying Weight: 6050g 13.31 lbs

Length: 1620mm (63.8 in)

Engine: 26 cc gas engine or 1.20-1.40 2c glow engine (not included)

Radio: 5 channels, 7 servos

The Blohm & Voss BV 141 was a World War II German tactical reconnaissance aircraft prototype. It is best remembered as the most asymmetrical aircraft to have ever flown.

In 1937, the German Air Ministry Reichsluftfahrtministerium (RLM) issued a specification for a single-engined reconnaissance aircraft with optimum visual characteristics. The preferred contractors were Arado, but the request prompted the Focke-Wulf company to work up the alternative idea of the Focke-Wulf Fw 189, a twin-boom design with two smaller engines and a central crew gondola, while Blohm & Voss proposed something far more radical. The proposal of chief designer Dr. Richard Vogt was the unique asymmetric BV 141.

63.8" fuselage is painted fiberglass.

Wing Area.........1172 sq. in.

Requires engine 1.40-1.60 or 26-30 cc gas.

Requires 5 chanel radio and 7 servos.

Retracts are included.

Cowel is fiberglass and comes with hardware kit including fuel tank.