STINSON RELIANT 86.6"-- (sold out)
STINSON RELIANT 86.6"-- (sold out)
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STINSON RELIANT 86.6"-- (sold out)
Wood fuselage and wings. 2 peice wings are joined with a large alum. wing tube and attaches inside the fuselage with 4 wing nuts to the threaded metal studs in the wings. The horizonal stab. halves are joined with a alum tube also and epoxys to the fuselage. The vertical stab. is part of the fuselage, and rudder and elevators are counter ballanced. The 2 elevator servos mount in the rear lower outsides of the fuselage and conect to the elevators with short pushrods. The single rudder servo mounts inside the servo tray inside the fuselage and is a pull pull system. Plane has 2 functional side doors for access to your radio equipment and servos (radio and servo equipment not included) Requires 2 flap and 2 aileron servos that mount under the 2 peice wings and conect with short pushrods.

The cowl is heavy fiberglass and mounts to the fuselage to the 4 pre-installed hardwood mounting tabs. Cowl is 8 1/2" wide. Distance from the motor box to the prop washer is 5 1/2". Motor boa is 4 1/2" wide by 3 3/4" tall and is thick plywood and extends into the fuselage all the way to the 2nd. former.

The large fuselage is 9 1/2 " wide.

Comes with good hardware, fuel tank, 3" foam tires and alum. landing gear.

Item No: CY8025B

Wingspan: 2200 mm (86.6 in)

Wingarea: 60 dm2 (930.2

Length: 1550 mm (61 in)

Engine: 26 gas engine

Radio: 5 Channles;8 Servos

Empty weight: kg

Take off weight: 7.3-7.5 kg

Cowling size: