IBIS 120 & 20CC ARF AIRPLANE  82.5" WING SPAN   (Sold out)
IBIS 120 & 20CC ARF AIRPLANE 82.5" WING SPAN (Sold out)
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IBIS 120 & 20CC ARF AIRPLANE  82.5" WING SPAN   (Sold out)
NEW FOR 2011. (IN STOCK) This is a good way to move up to a gas powered airplane. Very large and easy to fly and is a great eye catcher at the field. Only requires 5 standard metal gear servos (2 ailerons, 1 rudder, 1 throttle, 1 elevator)


NOTE: Plane with all hardware including metal wing struts, wheel pants and the nitro motor mount weighs 6lb. 7oz. We fly this plane with a 0.91 4c an it is enough power to do loops, rolls, touch and goes, and very easy landings.

Wing details:

Built up with balsa and hardwood. Hardwood joiner with small amount of dihedral. The 2 wing halves epoxy together to make a total of 82 1/2 inch wing span with 13 inches of wing cord. Leading edge is attached to the fuselage with hardwood tabs that fit into a slot in the fuselage while the rear of the wing bolts down. Wing is supported to the fuselage with 4 metal struts. Ailerons are 35" by 2 inches (each) and are functioned by 2 servos (one in the bottom of each wing) Decals are pre-applied.

Fuselage Details:

Fuselage is all laser cut hardwood lite-ply construction with toughlon heat shrink covering ironed on. Plenty of lightening holes to reduce weight but give plenty of strength. Side panels and bottom are flat surfaces tapering to the tail wile the top of the fuselage is rounded and tapered to the tail. Servo trays are part of the structure so no installation is required. Landing gear blocks look very good and attach to Thick plywood that is part of the fuselage bottom. The alum. landing gear is attached with 4 screws into the blind nuts that are pre-installed. Side windows are heavy flexible plastic that glues in from the inside. Wind shield is same flexible plastic sheeting as the side windows but wraps around front and screws in. My suggestion is to spray paint the inside of the windows with black (or any color you prefer)before you install them. It will give a smoked tint to them and you can't see the bare wood inside. After installing them go around the windshield with some narrow trim tape to make a great detailed look.

Comes with 3" foam wheels and very large wheel pants. Wheel pants measure 9 1/2" long X 2 3/4 tall and 1 1/4" wide. So you may can use a larger tire. Axle hardware is the regular bolt and nut style. I would suggest you up grade this if you want to (available at your LHS). It will make installation easier

The elevator servo location is in the servo tray and and hardware is supplied to hook up to the elevator halves. A wood dowel with 1 wire on the servo end and 2 wires on the elevator end is used. (separate elevator control horns).

Plane features a pull-pull rudder system. Rudder servo location in the center slot of the servo tray and connects to the rudder with 2 control wires. (you will love this positive control)

Firewall measures 5" by 5" and fiberglass cowl is 5 1/2 deep. 0.91 to 1.20 fits well. Manual says 0.91 to 26cc gas engines. 26/28cc may be OK but the cowl is not going to fit. Engine mount for nitro engine is supplied.

Weight with all hardware........6 lb. 7oz.

Wing area: 1225 sq. in. inches

Wing span..82.5 inches

Length: 63 inches including spinner

Requires Engine: 2c-0.60/1.20; OR 4C-0.91/ 1.20; or 20cc gas engine.

Manual states Engine up to 26cc, but from the measurements we come up with you will not be able to install the cowl with a side carb and muffler engine.

Requires Radio: 4 Channels;5 Servos