FOKKER DR   ( sold out.)
FOKKER DR ( sold out.)
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FOKKER DR   ( sold out.)
Please look at the red one for detailed photos.


Ailerons are only needed on the top wing. The servos are mounted inside the wing and only the servo arm sticks out. This plane looks so good we wanted to keep it as clean looking as possible. All 3 wings are i piece construction and jig built. Short wing on button connects with 2 dowels in leading edge and bolts in back. Middle wing goes on next and has 2 dowels in front and 1 bolt in rear. Bottom and middle wings have slots in them that you slide the wing struts through and fasten to wings with screws. Install the Cabane strut (center support for the top wing). Then you install the top wing. Outer wing struts fit into the slots in the bottom of the top wing and fasten with screws. Center of top wing fastens to bottom of wings with screws. Its easier to assemble this plane than it looks in the photos.

Wings and fuselage are all laser cut lite-ply, hardwood and balsa construction. The fuselage is mostly lite-ply with lots of lighting holes to reduce weight. Servo tray is pre-installed and the blind nuts are installed for you. Fuselage is 9" across the firewall and has 5 tabs to the front to install the big 9" wide and 5" deep fiberglass cowl.

Horizontal stabilizer epoxies to the fuselage. The rudder is the vertical stabilizer and attaches to the rear of the fuselage with hinges.

Rudder, throttle, and elevator servos mount in the servo tray inside the mid section of the fuselage. All 3 function with control rods.

Guns are included but pilot figures are not.

Landing gear is pre-assembled and is 12 1/2" wide and supports 5 1/4" tires.

laser cut parts- wood construction

All high quality balsa construction

Wingspan:............60.2 in

Wing Area........... 48 dm2 or 744 sq. in.

Length...............49.8 in

Engine.............. 4c 0.91 cu in

Radio................4 channels with 5 servos (not in cluded

Wild Bill's Texas RC DR1 from Daoldguy on Vimeo.