26-35CC EXTRA 330L   (SOLD OUT)
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Product Description


New plane for 2011. Our new 26/35cc Extra is built like the expensive big 100cc airplanes (or better than most) Good looks, premium quality. and modist price all in one airplane.

Fuselage details;

Fuselage is constructed of mostly lite-ply that is laser cut and has the lighting squares in non-stress points. Rear deck is sheeted solid with balsa. The vertical stabilizer is part of the fuselage and not the glue it on style. Rudder attaches to it using out pocket hinge system. The pivot points on the pocket hinges are fiberglass so they will last a long time. The motor box (5 1/4 X 4") extends all the way through the fuselage to the rear of the canopy. The sides of the fuselage where the wing fits is recessed into the fuselage 1". Perfect wing fit every time. There is a hatch that opens from the rear of the canopy to the cowl 19 1/2' long and the with of the plane (8 1/2" at cowl and 5 1/2" at canopy) Hatch is held on with 2 dowels in front and 2 bolts at rear. As far as quality and workmanship goes this plane is top notch.

Tail feathers;

Air foil design and built up construction and is sheeded solid with balsa. Same for rudder. Rudder and elevators use the pocket hinges. (be sure and use lock tight and tighten) Horizontal stabilizer connects to the fuselage with a aluminum wing tube and secures with 2 bolts on each side.


2 3/8" thick and 16 1/2" cord. Built up design and about 3/4 of the wing area is sheeted with balsa. Wings connect to the fuselage with a 29" aluminum wing tube, and slide into the fuselage about an inch, then fasten with wing nuts. ailerons (29 1/2" X 3 1/2" are connected with pocket hinges.

Aluminum Landing gear is 15 1/2" wide and 6" tall and comes with 2 1/2" foam wheels and wheel pants.

Fiberglass cowl is 9" wide X 7 1/2 high X 11 " deep. Motor box is 5 1/2" out from firewall.

Aileron servos are installed under the wings. Access is provided for 2 on each wing. You don't have to use both. space is provided if you wish to use 2. Rudder servo is mounted under the hatch in the servo tray and uses a pull-pull system. Uses 2 elevator servos mounted on each side of the fuselage, under the horizontal stabilizer.

Hardware kit is included, even a spinner and fuel tank, and all necessary linkages. ( no motor mount for nitro)

71 inch wing span

Toughlon covering

Pocket hinges

Wing area...796 sq. in.

Total length...76.6"

Requires engine... 26cc/35cc or equivalent nitro

Requires 4 channel radio with 6-8 servos.